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Testing word understanding

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Please help determine the essential meaning of the CAPPED structures and devise three concept questions to check student understanding of the sentences).

1. I WISH YOU WOULDN'T smoke so much.

2. By this time next year I WILL HAVE GRADUATED.


Can you help please (this is for non-native speakers).

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This solutions gives a series of questions that test a student's understanding of English words. There are many words that have multiple meanings, or the meaning may be very tense specific.

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It's not clear if you need three sentences total or three for each sentence, so I'll give you a total of nine questions and then you have a choice. It seems like you need to devise questions that will test the specificities of the words.
<br>1a) Do you know if the speaker smokes too much?
<br> No, the sentence does not address the speaker's smoking.
<br>1b) Does the speaker want you to ...

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