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technical position paper

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What are the components of a technical position paper? (position paper written for the scientic community)

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THe components of a technical position paper are given.

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A scientific paper is written for the scientific community at large. It may be a review, a compilation of previous works, or present new experimental results. Because it is written for a wide audience, the paper needs to introduce the subject, place any results in context with other scientific works, and suggest future possibilities for research, Professors assign scientific papers so that students learn how to do library research, learn the details of a subject, and learn how to write for publication.

• *Write clearly and concisely. Be brief.
• *Avoid slang and jargon.
• *Avoid passive verbs. Use the active voice when possible.
• *Follow the generally accepted format for a scientific paper, but always follow the professor's instructions first.
• *Use first person when necessary to ...

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