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Observation Journal of Human Behavior

Observe human behavior and their interactions.

Human behavior differ sfrom place to place and from time to another. To analyze human behavior I have picked 3 bounderies. A mall place, a THEATRE place, and a barbershop. I can see a big diffrence among these 3 bounderies. How people act in these 3 different places? What difference the time makes? What is the hypothesis and the reason then test it. Problems encounters that need to be solved in those 3 areas.how are these 3 places similar?

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I think the first think you should do is establish your variables. What is it that you think is going to vary from time to time and place to place? This doesn't mean that you can't notice variations in other areas when you carry out your observation but for the sake of formulating your hypothesis, you should specify the aspects you'll be watching out for. Of course, it also facilitates your observation to have some things already in mind. Some of aspects of human behavior and interaction I'd expect to vary between the locales you mention and within them from one time to another are attire, the ...