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Find a good topic for a speech.

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When you have a speech assignment for class, one of the first questions you must ask yourself is, "What am I going to talk about?" This solution offers some insider's tips on finding a great speech topic.

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As a public speaking teacher and forensics coach, I am constantly asked, "How do I find a topic?" It's pretty easy to find a good topic, but you have to do one thing first.
<br><br>Trust yourself. You need to have faith in your interests. People don't like writing speeches about thier interests because they think thier intersts are boring - "No one wants to hear about (fill in the blank)" is a common response. Students think thier classes, pets, or thier club projects are lame topics. But in reality, these are some of the best topics I've heard. Why? Because the people who choose to talk about thier hobbies, classes or interests really believe in themselves. They know that they got interested in these topics for a reason and that others can find the topics interesting, too.
<br><br>Hunting, fishing, drinking, snakes, taxes, cattle, cooking, shoes - these all have become amazing topics, only because the speakers knew thier interests could be interesting for other people too.
<br><br>Think about your interests. Even if it's just TV, think about why you like it. What makes it worthwhile? If you don't like something, why? What makes it bad?
<br><br>Now that you ...

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