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Feminism and the Media

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Black women in feminism and the media:

Book Report Guidelines
Write a report on "Sula by Toni Morrison?" in which you do the following:
Briefly describe the main characters and events in the book
Discuss how those characters and events illustrate, explain and/or contradict what you have learned about Black feminism in the U.S. and/or Africa
Discuss any additional insights that you have gained from the book

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Firstly, as far as the directions go, this is clearly a book report. That means, basically, covering the main questions your teacher is asking in about 1-2 paragraphs per bullet. The question also requires you to rely on your own opinion and reading material that you've already learned in the texts of your course. Referencing material outside of class sources will be considered "off-topic" and will void credit. Because I don't know what you've learned about black feminism in the course, or have access to your reading, I will be giving you the best overall ideas I can based on what I have.

Secondly, as far as content ideas go, you'll want to consider the fact that feminism is mainly about fighting Shadrach opens the novel as a symbol for what happens to Blacks in that time period. Something you have to understand is that Morrison consistently overlaps myth with reality, in order to make the stories more fluid and therefore more applicable beyond the specifics she talks about. That is why you see the community being called "Bottom," for example; it's literally how the Blacks felt, the place ...

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Feminism and the Media are examined for book report guidelines. Any additional insights that are gained from the books are determined.