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    Active/Passive Voice

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    I have been asked to rewrite the following in the active voice:

    Whenever new positions are advertised in this organisation, few qualified people apply. Important posts have to be filled in other ways and talented employees are rarely recruited. A culture of inequality exists, which means the company does not get the best out of its staff and often not enough effort is made to think about how well projects can be done. Frequent changes to the structure of the organisation can mean that important personnel are not given the chance to be effective and sometimes key decisions don't happen. This view was backed up by the latest management report.

    I have also been asked to identify the passive verbs.

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    Hello -
    Passive voice sentences use some form of the verb "to be," such as "is" or "was." While it's not always necessary or possible to eliminate these words, changing the verb to an active one can give your paper more energy. Here's an example:
    Passive voice: A new experimental liver-transplant operation was performed successfully yesterday.
    Active ...