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Please see the attachment for a diagram of the robot in question which is a 3-degrees of freedom manipulator with prismatic joints, as well as the following questions:

a) Assign the X and Z axes and determine the Denavit-Hartenberg parameters of this robot.
b) Determine the A matrices of this robot.
c) What is the position of the end effector with respect to the base of the robot in the specified configuration?
Refer to attachment

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Use the standard approach and select the appropriate coordinates. See attached for solution including diagrams.

a) Since a link is a rigid body, the robot contains four links (base, L-shape arm, circular rotator, tool). A joint connects two links together. Then, the number of joints is three. And the robot is three-axis.
Following the Denavit-Hartenberg algorithm, the link coordinate diagram can be drawn as

The coordinate subscript 2 coincides with the coordinate subscript 1.
And the parameters can be found as
l(cm) d(cm) (degree) ...

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