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PLC Input and Power Supply

Attached are shown several external components and a 12 volt 8-point common input module for a PLC. The inputs on the input module share a single common terminal (COM). The inputs are bipolar. The sensor has a PNP output. It is powered by Vcc = 12V and its output transistor is ON when the sensor is ON. Wire the components to the PLC inputs and power supply such that:

1. IN0 is ON when sensor is ON
2. IN1 is ON when the limit switch LS1 is ON (conducting)
3. IN2 is ON when toggle switch S1 is ON (conducting)

(see attached for full description of the problem)

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For the solution, I will describe how to wire up the circuit by giving both ends of every wire ...

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The solution wires input module for a PLC to the specified requirements. Output transistors on a sensor is examined. The wire components to the PLC input and power supply are given.