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    Peak Value of Output Voltage and Voltage Gain of an Amplifier

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    A power amplifier when driven by a current source of 5mA rms and a source resistance of 8k, delivers 12.5W signal power to an 8 load resistance. Find peak to peak value of output voltage.
    If the input voltage to the amplifier shows 5 V rms, determine the voltage gain of the amplifier.
    The given multiple choice answer is verified and correct. Please show how you arrived at your solution.
    To OTA: Please take this problem only if you can show in clear and step by step method on how you arrived at your solution. Thank you.
    Vp-p = 56.56 or 28.28 or 14.68 or 20.28
    Vo/Vi = 3v/v or 1.2v/v or 3.2v/v or 2v/v

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    The solution involves a step by step method of finding peak values of output voltage given resistance and power. Calculation of voltage gain of an amplifier given input voltage is also given.