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What is the axial deformation in the link?

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Each of the two vertical links BD has a uniform cross section 0.375 X 1.5 in. Determine the axial deformation and normal stress in each link for the loading shown. Determine the axial force in each link for the loading shown. Use E = 29 X 10^6 psi

Axial deformation

a. 0.00196 in
b. 0.00392 in
c. 0.00467 in
d. 0.00565 in

Normal stress

a. 1.805 ksi
b. 3.61 ksi
c. 7.22 ksi
d. 14.44 ksi

Axial force

a. 3.575 kips
b. 4.062 kips
c. 4.905 kips
d. 5.575 kips

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The axial deformation and normal stress in each link for the loading is determined.

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