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    Rate of Heat Generation

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    A fillet weld is used to join two medium carbon steel plates each having a thickness of 5.0mm. The plates are joined at a 90 degree angle using an inside fillet corner joint. The velocity of the welding head is 6mm/sec. Assume that the cross section of the weld bead approximates a right isosceles triangle with a leg length of 4.5mm, heat transfer factor of 0.80, and melting factor of 0.58.

    Determine the rate of heat generation required at the welding source to accomplish a weld.

    The material is steel and the melting temperature is 1760 K.

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    We find on the web for steel:
    Specific heat = 448 J/kg/K
    Latent heat of melting = 267 kJ/kG
    Specific mass 7900 kg/m^3

    Assuming ...

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