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Francis turbine rotation

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1. Water flows at a rate of 19.8m^3/s through a Francis turbine rotating at 228rpm. At the inlet to the runner, the runner diameter is 1.8m, the blade length is 30cm, and the relative flow angle is 29 degrees, measured from the radial direction. The fluid leaves the runner without swirl, and the hub and tip diameters at runner exit are 0.2m and 1.2m, respectively.

(a) Sketch the runner velocity diagrams, labelling all velocities and angles.
(b) Find the values of all velocities and angles, for the tip flow.
(c) Find the power output, if the turbine is 81% efficient.

2. A 1/10 scale model of the turbine was tested under a head of 22m. Find the speed, flow rate and power of the model turbine, under similar flow conditions.

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