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    Engineering Statistics Durabilities and Quantities

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    (a) From the following table of durabilities of marine coatings on electrical boxes, find the following quantities:

    (ASTM Salt
    Spray Test) Class Frequency
    Hours Midpoint
    Class Interval xi fi

    100-103.9 102 6
    104-107.9 106 12
    108-111.9 110 18
    112-115.9 114 28
    116-119.9 118 14
    120-123.9 122 6
    124-127.9 126 2

    (i) the mean

    (ii) the standard deviation

    (iii) the skewness

    (iv) What type of distribution would this represent? Why is it important to determine the type of distribution represented by data such as this?

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