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Proportional Plus Derivative Control

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The attached drawing shows a proportional plus derivative controller that has a
proportional band of 20% and a derivative action time of 0.1 minutes.
Construct the shape of the output waveform for the triangular
input waveform shown, if the input rises and falls at the rate of 4 units
per minute.

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Please see attachment -- matlab source code and output plot.

Matlab source code -- this code can be converted into other programming languages also:

clear all; % Clear the memory
Td = 0.1; % Derivative action time
nUnits = 4; %No. of units/minute
pb = 20; % Proportional band = 20%
kp = 100/pb; %propotional gain = 100/pb
setpoint = 0;
peakVal = 1; % triangle peak value = ...

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A Matlab code is written to generate output waveform corresponding to a given input waveform to a proportional plus derivative controller.