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    Control Systems with Complex Poles

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    Consider five different control systems, with descriptions below. Which system will have the slowest rise time? (see attached)

    System 1: Two complex poles at -10 -j5, -10 +j5;
    System 2: Two complex poles at -10 -j5, -10 +j5 and a zero at +2;
    System 3: Two real poles at -10, -3;
    System 4: Two complex poles at: -10 -j5, -10 +j5 and one real pole at -6;
    System 5: Two real poles at -10, -3 and a zero at +2

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    Two complex poles at -10+j5, -10-j5

    Transfer function:
    s^2 + 20 s + 125

    Two complex poles at -10+j5, ...

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    The solution contains transfer functions and graphs for comparing each system.