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    Autocorrelation and Tao

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    I have a question from my ECE 302 class regarding the mean of a random process given a particular autocorrelation function in terms of tao.

    I know Variance=(mean-square)-(mean)^2
    and I know that the (mean-square)=autocorrelation function with tao set to 0, but I don't know how to get the mean if I don't know the variance of the random process.

    Thanks in advance.

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    (mean-square) = autocorrelation function with tao set to 0
    = Rxx(tao = 0)
    = E[x(t)x(t+tao)]|tao=0
    = integration ...

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    This solution is provided in approximately 100 words. It demonstrates how to calculate mean square using the autocorrelation function and tao, and how this can be used to find mean without using variance.