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Defining Transfer of Learning

Define the term "transfer of learning."
b) Identify and describe two types of transfer of learning.
c) Discuss the importance of a student's ability to transfer.

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Transfer of Learning

This is a fairly simple idea.

At its root - it is both transitioning the theory into practice, and the application of learning in different fields. Learning should be holistic, one idea in a specific field rarely, if ever, simply applies to that field and to it alone. The Transfer here is to take learning in one area and see how it can help you in others.

But it is more than this. Transfer of learning does include the theory-practice divide, but it is also horizontal - issues learned on one subject should help in other areas. Learning in mathematics should be able to assist one in engineering; issues in chemistry should be applicable to biology. Topics that you might have felt irrelevant in high school (such as chemistry) may well come to be important if, for example, you get seriously ...

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