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    Wireless Technologies in the Classroom

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    How might you utilize wireless technologies in your classroom and online teaching?
    What factors contribute toward the extent and manner in which you use wireless technologies?
    What wireless technologies have you learned about or seen in use in other instructional locations that you would like to have access to within your classroom?

    Please provide at least 2 relevant references.

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    Wireless technologies may be used in the classroom and online in the following ways:

    - using laptops for discussion-based lessons
    - posting assignments and submitting assignments electronically
    - using an iPad or tablet to teach or access learning material
    - using portable notebooks to present material through electronic means (powerpoint, pdf etc.)
    - students taking electronic notes on their laptop/ tablet
    - uploading lesson material on an online database/ portal for students to access
    - conducting interactive lessons where students are more engaged in the material by using their ...

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    The expert examines how one might utilize wireless technologies in the classroom and online teaching. The factors that contribute towards the extent and manner in which wireless technologies are used are determined. Two references are provided to aid in the understanding.