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Technology in Schools

U.S. schools use technology significantly more than they did in the past. Research the use of technology in schools from 1980 until present day. Finde events to depict the changes in school technology since 1980. Need to discuss a minimum of two events per decade, for a total of at least six events. 1980-1990-2000

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1984 - Apple computers were already being used in the classrooms however, on January 22, 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh computer. This computer was the first one to have a mouse as standard equipment but made using computers in schools easier for students because of the function of the mouse and the lack of typing skills. Using the mouse made it easier for students to maneuver around the computer and interact with programs and software because less typing was involved.

1984 - CD-Roms for computers were introduced by Phillips and Sony and the first encyclopedia on cd was created and sold. It was called Grolier's ...

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Important milestones of technology being introduced into the classroom and various school environments.