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    Ethical Use of Technology

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    What does "ethical use of technology in the classroom" mean?

    What are some ways you will ensure ethical use of resources, documents, pictures, etc., in any products created by your students? Discuss.

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    Ethical use of technology in the classroom involves a variety of things. First, if you are relating it to internet usage, ethical use refers to students following a code of conduct technology police that their district probably has outlined. Ethical use of the internet in the classroom is when students adhere to the rule that the only websites that they can visit are educationally related and pertaining to what they are learning. As for teachers and staff members adhering to ethical use of the internet - ...

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    An in-depth look at what ethical uses of technology in the classroom consist of and what non-ethical uses entail. Also examined are ways that teachers can ensure that students are adhering to an "ethical" code of conduct when using technology in the classroom. The ethical use of technology in the classroom are examined.