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    Ethical Standards in the Use of Technology

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    Prepare a paper discussing how companies use technology to help set and manage ethical standards and guidelines. How can this shape the type of work environment or culture a company promotes? Additionally, discuss how using technology to perform human resources functions affects company culture.

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    Ethics and Technology:

    This paper will discuss the way companies use technology in an attempt to set and manage ethical standards and guidelines. It also attempts to show how these ethics or guidelines can help shape the work environment of a company and how the use of technology in performing the employee functions can affect the culture of an organization.

    Ethics has been created to play an important role in the different functions in companies. When technology started, ethics has also begun.

    The Use of Technology to Help Manage Ethical Standards:

    There have been several and various ways that have proven that technology indeed helps set and manage ethical standards and guidelines. Through the computer system, organizations can easily monitor the emails and the sites that have been accessed by the employees during working hours. Telephone conversations can also be monitored through the network administrator. The company can also program its system in such a way that it censors emails with inappropriate language and block sites with inappropriate content to enter the system. For telephone conversations that are monitored, an employee can be reprimanded if caught using inappropriate language and the call be disconnected. Blocking some or all internet sites outside the company use can help ensure productivity.

    Technology can also manage the ethics of its personal information. The computer system stores lots of information within the corporation and if this information leaks to the wrong hands, it is a big risk for the company. Therefore, companies use software and program to protect and safeguard their systems so that confidential information is thoroughly guarded. A few of these programs and rules are firewalls, password protection and other specific security policies.

    With the help of technology, ethical standards and guidelines are well promoted and presented to the employees as well as supervision by managemenet becomes a regular basis. The reason for this is that tehcnology has been providing management with the tools that they need to effectively do their job which includes managing the ethical standards of the company. With the use of technology, any communication and productivity is monitored so that compliance is ensured. Technology promotes these ethical standards by posting them on the Internet and in ...

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