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    Instructional Objectives for Teachers

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    In working with achievement tests as well as other kinds of tests, teachers at all levels have to learn how to write instructional objectives. They will need to learn how to specify what is needed in each objective as well as what the general outcomes of these objectives will be in specific terms. Through these objectives they will also need to learn how to construct the test items themselves, arrange the order of test to meet the objectives, state clear directions, review the test they have made, and then give the test and when completed and the test is graded the teacher will then see to an item analysis. There are various steps for each of these sections. What are they?

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    Specifying the instructional objective:
    -The teacher will remember the meaning of common terms.
    -The teacher will ...

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    This solution discusses what instructional objectives teachers should follow when working with achievement tests and other types of tests. It provides a list of the instructional objectives within this context.