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    Generation Y

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    Need help with the following assignment. Do not want it done, just help getting started.

    For this Case Assignment, you are expected to utilize a number of studies concerning generational cultures, and to develop an understanding of what is involved in a Generation Y teacher's (or Generation Y soldier's or employee's) route to success.

    First, review the background reading materials.

    In Leading Generation X: Do the Old Rules Apply? Rodriguez, Green, and Ree consider whether or not the perception of effective leadership differs between "Generation X" and the "baby boomers."

    The studies done by Behrstock and Clifford (2009) and Bernstein, Alexander, D., and Alexander, B. (2008, December) show U.S. generations and their characteristics. See Table 1 on page 1 and Table 2 on page 20 respectively.

    Next, as you read the studies (or the literature from your own research), examine the table information closely with the insights and findings presented by Rodriguez, Green, and Ree in Leading Generation X: Do the Old Rules Apply?

    Finally, in 3- to 4-page paper, present your discovery of the implications of Rodriguez, Green, and Ree's 2003 study of these two groups (baby boomers and Generation X) and continue to a discussion of the implications of the study done by Behrstock and Clifford (2009) for Generation Y teachers. The discussion should include the following:

    Identify and explain the authors' studies, including the authors' stated or implied purpose.
    Critically and creatively think about a problem that may be present with Generation Y teachers (or Generation Y soldiers or employees) relative to their attributions in Table 1 on page 1 of Behrstock & Clifford's (2009) study and Table 2 on page 20 in the study of Bernstein, Alexander, D., and Alexander B. (2008). For the problem you mention, include specific information from the studies that provides evidence to justify your point of view. Try to use additional references to support the discussion.
    Based on the problem statement, provide a possible research question that you think warrants further research in the area.
    Conclude your paper by explaining what strategies school leaders can incorporate to assist Generation Y teachers (or Generation Y soldiers or employees) in addressing the problem.
    To support your responses, use one or two additional references in answering the task expectation questions.

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    Since I'm not able to see the tables that correlate to your assignment, it's hard to tell exactly what you're seeing and what information you currently have. However, I was able to look up information on the studies done by both teams mentioned in your assignment. The first link I'm posting at the end is the information I looked up about these studies.

    Also, I ...

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