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    Community Education Centers & Governor Christie's Administration

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    Do you think there are any improprieties in the relationship between community education centers and the Christie administration? If yes, what are they, and what should be done about them?

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    The relationship between Community Education Centers and Governor Christie's administration is a controversial subject. To examine this question, let's take a closer look at the Community Education Centers and Governor Christie's administration in New Jersey.

    As we review, keep in consideration if the following issues are improper and if so, how can they be resolved?

    What is the Christie administration? Chris Christie is the Governor of New Jersey,

    What are the Community Education Centers? The company, Community Education Centers, is an integral component of the correctional system in New Jersey that runs large halfway houses. This system is for prison inmates who are released/paroled. Court documents have portrayed that Community Education has experienced significant issues with finances.

    *William J. Palatucci, whom has been referred to as one of Governor Chris Christie's "close friends"/political advisors, is the Community Education Senior Vice President. ...

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    Explore the possible relationship between Governor Christie of New Jersey and Community Education Centers. If there is evidence of impropriety, what solutions are available to strengthen this state's systems? This Solution was current as of 2017.