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Senior citizens manage their health with internet resources

Would either of the following be appropriate research questions? And if so, what types of subproblems would you suggest? If not could you suggest an appropriate research question on a topic of ''SENIOR CITIZENS, HEALTH AND THE INTERNET?

Would training senior citizens to access the internet increase their knowledge and recognition of health related resources by 50%?

Once trained to access the internet for health resources will elders use the internet for health related resources or the resources used prior to training?

Can seniors use information from the internet to contribute to their well-being?

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Yes. Ths is a very signiiciant use not only of the library but also of senior citizens' empowerment of themselves. This could be done by librarians at specific times that would be convenient for seniors--perhaps mid-morning to mid-day when young people are in school. In addition to teaching seniors how to look on the internet for their own health ...

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Effective usage of the internet by seniors to manage their health concerns are provided.