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Legal Implications of Confidentiality

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What are the legal issues of confidentiality of preparing an IEP for a student under IDEA of 2004? Please help prepare a chart and summary of the legal implications of confidentiality of writing an IEP for a student.

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I will respond to each confidentiality section under the IDEA 2004 Act; for implementing a IEP.

Confidentiality: The Secretary takes appropriate action, in accordance with the law to ensure the protection of the confidentiality of any personally identifiable data, information, and records collected or maintained by the Secretary and by SEAs and LEAs pursuant to Part B of the Act.

(a) Destruction means physically destroy or removal of personal identifiers from information so that the information is no longer personally identifiable.
(b) Education records means the type of records covered under the ...

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The legal implications of confidentiality are determined. The confidentiality of preparing an IEP for a student under IDEA of 2004 are determined. Legal issues are analyzed.