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Informed consent in educational research

Your organization has decided to engage in systematic research with the goal of constant improvement. You have been promoted to research coordinator. You have been asked to develop policies regarding soliciting participants in research studies. Research the concepts of human subjects in education research and, in particular, the concept of â??informed consent.â? Now, address the following:
1) What is the general purpose of informed consent?
2) Give an example of an educational research project within your organization that may require use of an informed consent form. Explain why you feel this project would require informed consent.
3) Explain why some education studies may be exempt from informed consent requirements.
4) If participants in your organization are children, explain what additional rules may apply.

Note: You may use an organization youâ??ve worked for or create a hypothetical organization

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The general purpose of informed consent is to apprise the human participants (or their legal guardians) of the possible advantages and disadvantages to them personally and to humans in general that might result from their participation in a research study.

2.a An example of a research study that would require the use of an informed consent form would include a study that will survey respondents/participants's attitudes towards pre-marital sex in general, and teen-age pregnancy in particular.
2.b This subject requires an informed consent form because of the sensitive nature of the topic under study - people's attitudes and perceptions regarding sexual behavior that is not particularly socially desirable. As such, there exists the possibility that some subjects may be uncomfortable with the topic, the methods and/or ...

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Discussion of the concept of obtaining informed consent from educational research participants, especially when the research involves children, when consent is required and when it is not.