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    Example of a Well Known Curriculum Leader

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    Please provide an example of a well known curriculum leader who brought about a significant change in curriculum, the common barriers to curriculum change, and ways that the leader worked to eliminate them.

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    Lawrence Stenhouse and his theories on curriculum development have made a dramatic difference of how curriculums are viewed. Stenhouse states, "As a minimum, a curriculum should provide a basis for planning a course, studying the course empirically, and finding the grounds for its justification." (Stenhouse, 1975) When developing a curriculum some of the issues that should be resolved in the planning stages are what should be taught or learned. Is the curriculum based on a standard or objective that is given by the district, state, or federal sources? Once the content is picked, the next question Stenhouse asks is how is the content going to be learned? This is where ...

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    This solution outlines the work of well know curriculum leader Lawrence Stenhouse, explains what the common barrier to curriculum change are and some suggestions for how to eliminate such barriers.