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Education is help for Individuals and Society

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Should education serve primarily the needs of the individual, of society, or both? Why?
Should schools be more concerned with individual learning differences or with efficient delivery of content?
How do inspiring surroundings affect learning?
How does technology affect learning?
Very helpful.

All these questions can be discussed at great length. Many papers exist and chats exist to speak further on the importance of all of these questions. It is a human right, and not a kickback only for the wealthy today to receive an education, no matter who you are or what might be affecting you either in your environment or your physical or neurological difference.

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Public Education is a right, based on FAPE, Free Appropriate Public Education. All students should be able to have access to the local curriculum, with the least restricted environment. The last update to IDEA, in 2004, updated the law that students have access to appropriate public education. This helps the student, and it helps society. Having an educated society hopefully makes for a better society in which to live and enjoy one's ...

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This solution expresses the need for FAPE ( Free Access of Appropriate Public Education) for all, and how this makes for a better society. I adress types of learning, technology and the delivery of content.

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