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Answers to book Freedom Box

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Could you please answer these questions about the book â??Henryâ??s Freedom Boxâ? by Ellen Levine. If you do not know the book please do not reply.
1-What would you say the characteristics are?
2-What would be a quality literature example in the genre of Henryâ??s Freedom Box?
3-Do you think the theme is significant? Why?
4-Do you think the writer brings the story to life? Why?
5-Does the writer bring the story to life? How
6-Can you get a sense of the research the author did?
Please do not copy and paste. I can do that. I just want you view on these questions, Thank you.

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1. The characteristics of this book are those that would follow the same lines of typical slave books but with a true twist. The characters do not know their birthdays, nor any other information about their lives. They are living a very scared life. There is a story line that has a plot as well as a clear beginning, middle, and end. Although the genre of the book is listed as nonfiction because it is a true story, the lines of the book do not follow the typical nonfiction flow. There are no charts or graphs or straight forward facts. This book makes nonfiction more ...

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