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4th grade reading comprehension

This posting overviews two educational research journal articles and compares and contrasts these articles according to the questions:

What are the focuses/topics of the articles you have selected?

What is the primary research question or hypothesis of this research project?How are they different?
Discuss the research articles the authors cite in the articles. Do you think one author has a better literature review than the other?Why or why not?
Discuss any differences or similarities in the perspectives presented in each article.
Compare how the two articles collected the data.
Were the studies valid and reliable?
In your opinion, which study proved its conclusion more effectively? Why?

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As you choose two educational research journal articles, please feel free to apply these ideas as a lens:

1. What are the focuses/topics of the articles you have selected?

First, I selected "Is In-School Free Reading Good for Children? Why the National Reading Panel Report Is (Still) Wrong." You may retrieve this article at: http://web.ebscohost.com.library3.webster.edu/ehost/detail?vid=98&hid=9&sid=3cd0c5f2-11a3-4699-832a-6e7e4e3aa544%40sessionmgr7

The article is from Phi Delta Kappan's Feb. 2005 edition.

The focus of this article explores the benefits of silent reading in schools. The author refutes an earlier study by the National Reading Panel. Instead of seeing SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) as a waste of time, the author supports its use. He suggests that ample evidence supports the practice of in-school free reading.

The second article is from Judy M.Parr and Colleen Maguiness. It is entitled, "Removing the ...