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IEP Analysis

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Read the description of a student below and answer the questions:

Ming is a 6 year old 1st grade elementary school student. She takes ESL classes and she's from China. She reads a 2.56 grade equivalent which shows that she reads above her level. She scored 31 on the CBM in writing and 100% in math.
She recognizes all letters of the alphabet, knows vowels and consonants, read on 3rd grade level, and understands while reading orally or silently. She can write a basic sentence and a paragraph for writing. She can count and add and subtract single digit numbers for mathematics. She can dial 911, knows who is a stranger and who is not, knows not to talk to the strangers for personal safety. She understands and follows verbal directions, demonstrates needs and wants, speaks clearly and politely at an appropriate volume, listens to learn, and verifies comprehension by asking questions for communication skill. She classifies and matches objects by color, size, and/or significant markings, asks for help when needed, offers help to others, predict outcome, make decisions, and choose an alternative if needed for problem solving skill. She can dress herself and dress appropriately for the weather, knows how to care for hair and bathe herself regularly for personal care. She can tell time and knows the days and months. Overall, she has all the necessary skill sets for a 6-year-old.

1. Provide the student's strengths and needs.
2. Provide Measurable Annual Goals that Include: Condition, Name, Behavior, and Criteria
3. Describe HOW the student's progress toward meeting this goal will be measured.
4. Describe WHEN periodic reports on progress will be provided to parents.

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1. Ming's strengths: Ming seems to have age appropriate social skills and adaptive skills. Her academic skills seem to be at or above grade level.
Ming's needs: Ming needs ...

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