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School Administration and Stakeholders

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The school administrator owes a moral duty to society in general. She also owes a duty to students, teachers, professional staff, other employees, parents, the school board, administration, the law, and the community (local, state, national, and global). Prioritize this list of stakeholders as best you can. Explain your reasons for the assigned rankings.

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This is a rather inclusive listing of stakeholders in the school. I am going to arrange them in the order I THINK a school administrator is responsible to them. This may vary from school to school, depending upon the culture found there. Please do not take this list as gospel. This is just my impression of how they should be ordered. Your opinion may be very different.

First, and foremost, the school administrator owes a duty to the students. After all, school is all about the kids. The teachers and everyone else is there for them, not the other way around. School is all about the kids. Period.

Next, I would have to say that the rest of the school community is going to hold the ...

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Who are the most important stakeholders a school administrator is responsible to? This answer offers one frame of thinking about who the most important ones are.