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Legal Cases in Education

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Conduct an Internet search to locate three legal cases regarding teacher conduct.

Discuss the specifics of each case, its general application to appropriate and inappropriate teacher conduct, the issues involved in the case, and the ruling in the case.

Identify whether you agree with the ruling and reasons why or why not.

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This case involved a teacher who set up a page to communicate with students for school and on-school communications, but crossed the line with images and text not appropriate. A fellow teacher warned him, he removed that page, and set up another with the same sorts of contents. The other teacher took the case to the administration, which placed him on leave, and declined to renew his contract, as he was non-tenured. The court case found that:
In the court's view, it was not unreasonable for the Defendants to find that the Plaintiff's conduct on MySpace was disruptive to school activities. The above examples of the online exchanges the Plaintiff had with students show a potentially unprofessional rapport with students, and the court can see how a school's administration would disapprove of, and find disruptive, a teacher's discussion with a student about ...

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Discussion, with Web-based reference URLs of court cases involving educators' misconduct, with outcomes of cases. Commentary on cases included.

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