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Realism and Behaviorism Educational Philosophies

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Discuss realism school of philosophy and behaviorism educational philosophy

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Purpose of realism is to teach the truth and understand the practical life so that they can be prepared for the real world. As to the methods of teaching, education should start from simple to complex as well as from concrete to abstract. Students analyze instead of construct. The dialect is the medium of instruction. It is necessary to repeat for more retention. The student's experience and inquisitiveness is essential and more important than authority. Students are motivated to ask questions and understand their learning.
In behaviorism, reality is defined as the physical world of which we can understand through careful and scientific observation. Behaviour is acquired through conditioning, measures behaviour by students response to stimuli which can be reinforced with a ...

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In this posting, the Realism school philosophy is described (with teaching/learning methods/examples) as well as the Behaviorism educational philosophy (with teaching/learning methods/examples).