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High Stakes Testing With Regard to No Child Left Behind

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Research high stakes testing which is done as a result of the No Child Left Behind Act. What is required in your state? Does your state require any other testing? Have any districts or schools ever cheated to be able to report a higher score? Can teachers be fired for low student achievement scores of students? What are the issues surrounding this testing? For instance, is it possible that this could lead to student tracking? How accurate is the testing? Should other measures be used as well? What do you consider to be the top three issues in this testing and how can you deal with those issues in your classroom? What factors would influence your decisions? Does your school district have a policy regarding student achievement and the alignment of state standards with student achievement goals? What does the policy say about â??qualified personnelâ?? Has the need for qualified personnel affected schools in any way?

My State is Maryland.

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This article contains a little background information on NCLB. It is also an editorial from one teachers point-of-view. This solution is 576 words.

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I would begin the essay for the question by doing research on the No Child Left Behind from its inception to the changes that have been made recently. I did a little research prior to taking on this task. Your state of Maryland seems to have a fairly small class size average and performs well on the testing instrument used to satisfy the mandate. There is quite a bit of information on the internet about your state. Remember to reference it properly.

I teach in Missouri. I will share my views for you to use as a resource. No Child Left Behind allows each state to pick the testing instrument they will use. Therein lies the first issue for me. To say that your state scores better than we do would be a poor conclusion to draw unless both states took the same test. Our state's test is ranked number one in difficulty. Each year the number of schools who have not made adequate yearly progress ...

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