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Motivation types

How may a teacher provide feedback to a student, so it becomes part of the learning experience? Please include a specific example or real-world scenario with your answer

Which type of motivation do you think will be most effective with students, extrinsic or intrinsic? Why?

Thanks for helping me get started.

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First of all, as you show how a teacher can provide feedback to a student so it becomes part of the learning experience, I like to use rubrics as a feedback technique. Rubrics allow teachers to show the numerical assignments or weights of activities, assignments, tasks, etc. Rubrics also encourage teachers to offer narrative feedback to students, not just a score.

I've also found that these tools, rubrics, are the best feedback format for my learners in my content area of English, especially in order for them to know precisely how they are assessed, where the grade came from, where growth or weaknesses were, etc.

I also like to offer verbal feedback. Since ...

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The impact of a teacher's feedback is demonstrated.