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    Time Crunch - Too Much Teach, Too Little Time

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    How can one avoid the problem of too much to teach and too little time?

    Please share ideas as to how tro include assessment in the time crunch.

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    Time Management, just like any other form of Management, must first prioritize the value of PLANNING. As teachers with indeed "to much to teach with too little time", we should NEVER come to our classrooms without a PLAN. If we do, the least that would happen will be: that we shall be using the time for classroom teaching for a lot of things or concerns, other than teaching.

    Planning is simply "goal setting" and deciding on the strategies that you shall use to achieve that goal. First ask your self: What do i aim to achieve for today? ( or for this semester as the case may be). Having identified your goal, ask yourself: What shall i do to achieve my goal? How will i do it? What resources do i need to do it? Are these resources available? Will doing it be feasible given the time that i have for my class? When these questions are appropriately addressed, you have the PLAN. When you report to your class, stick to that plan, as much as possible. There are times that when you are already in the classroom, something may happen that may seem to drive ...

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