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Reflection on Teacher Work Samples

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Write a reflection "paper" on teacher work samples, addressing the following:

o Purpose

o Major elements

o Use in the classroom

o Questions and concerns


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The Teacher Work Sample (TWS) was created to connect the student teacher's teaching abilities and instruction to the learning of his or her students. When I become a professional teacher, I will be able to apply what I have learned during the process of creating the TWS into the actual classroom scenario. I am going to use the strategies that I have used during the creation of the TWS, then plan, adjust and implement the instructional unit for certain type of students so that they learn fully. Since I know how to analyze the results, I can use the findings to reflect on the experience and use them to improve the succeeding teaching-learning process.

The TWS includes the seven elements which should be word-processed, double-spaced, and error-free. The documentation of activities and the sequential process of lesson planning ...

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