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Time and Spacial Permanence

Please describe/explain the conceptual development of TIME in children. Please provide an example that illustrates how development of this concept progresses to further help in understanding.

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The concept of time is an interesting cognitive development in young children. It is also related to the concept of spacial permanence. For young children, something that I cannot see does not exist. This helps explain why infants adore the game of peek-a-boo. When I cannot see you, because your hands cover your face, you are gone. Then, when your hands are removed, you are miraculously there again! Children who are at this stage of development and who have been naughty will sometimes "hide" by covering their faces - I can't see you - so you can't see me, either! This is a reflection of that cognitive development in action - if I can't see it right this minute, it does not exist. The concept of time is right here and right now. I can't understand that it will still be there in a few minutes from now, especially if I cannot see it. There is no time but now. If mommy leaves, it is forever, because now is all there is. This is sometimes called ...

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A discussion of how children learn to understand the concept of time and spacial permanence is provided.