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Supporting Second Language Learning

Our classrooms are filled with students who come from diverse backgrounds. When we get to know our students and their families, we strengthen the home-school connection, which research has reported leads to increased student achievement. Using information gained the textbook readings and the required article, Can Preschool Children be Taught a Second Language?, explain strategies that effectively support students who are learning a second language. You can use the textbook and the recommended article, Responding to Linguistic and Cultural Diversity, to support your discussion.

Your post should be formatted to include the following in order:

Three ways to support children learning a second language in the classroom

Two ways to support the families of children learning a second language

One example of a resource you can use to help plan for children learning a second language, with a summary and justification of your choice

One question you still have about learning a second language.

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Since Studying abroad is out of the question, the first step in supporting a child learning a second language is to use the 'buddy' system and have them work or sit with someone who speaks their own language. It can be overwhelming to listen to English all day long and having someone who speaks their native language is helpful and they learn to rely and help each other. Another way to support the children is to build vocabulary using pictures these pictures can be purchased or build by the ...

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The solution discusses if preschool children can be taught a second language. It also discusses ways to support children and their families of learning a second language.