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    Pros and cons for DIBELS Reading Assessment

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    1. Insights on "Creating a Literate Community."?

    2. Discuss DIBELS. Have you used it? Have you seen it used? What are your first impressions?

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    I have seen it and used it. My personal blunt answer is that it is very time consuming and there are better, just as measurable ways to track progress. It takes a lot of teacher training time and kids away from other things that could be more meaningful. Teachers cheat or can easily cheat, to pad results.

    Politically, there must be a measure of progress and students can see their growth with DIBELS. Assuming all are implementing the test correctly and consistently, this is a good measure of month to month and year to year progress. The problem is that where the test is needed most, one could possibly also relate high teacher turn over, as well as a transient student population, so keeping a consistent track record becomes almost mute or bad for research and statistics.

    In classes/schools that are really bad with reading skills, students have to be subjected to the test sometimes weekly or biweekly! ...

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    The pros and cons for DIBELS reading assessments are provided. The expert examines the first impressions.