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Problem Encountered in a Real World Teaching Situation

Amanda teaches elementary school art at a small school outside of Detroit. Within her department, only one other teacher on staff teaches the same courses as her. The other teacher, Maureen, has been difficult to work with, largely because she refuses to acknowledge the state standards within their subject. Instead, she plans her own units based on what she thinks is important. "I know better than the state what these kids should know," she has told Amanda on more than one occasion. Within the school, there is very little oversight within her department as most of the energy goes to core subjects. Amanda has begun to feel uneasy about the other teacher's methods and the way they are affecting students. She approaches the other teacher to discuss her unease, but she is greeted with disdain when Maureen says, "Don't tell me what to do."

What is the best way for Amanda to proceed in handling the situation?
Who should she approach first with her concerns? How can she ensure that the situation is handled as professionally as possible? What is her professional responsibility in the situation?

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What is the best way for Amanda to proceed in handling the situation?

She must ensure that she exhausts all possibilities in regard to talking with the colleague to encourage her to follow the state mandated standards. Because she has already done ...

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