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efficiency of the staff : I/O

Problem Analysis Paper
In the paper, include a clear and concise problem statement and address the following:
a. How did you become aware that there was a problem?
b. What goals, objectives, and tools/techniques did you use to frame the problem?

Mrs. Kenia has been feeling as though she is constantly behind in the execution of her duties. Ever since she was ascended to her position she enjoys the privileges that came with it, but she feels like she is constantly playing catch up. The paperwork burden is sometimes so heavy that Kenia feels like she does not always get the opportunity to put the proper amount of timing to planning. She recently got in trouble with her zone supervisor Mr. Sosa due to the submission of "not up to standards" training inputs for the human resources department. Kenia has always placed high value on the training plan and was suitably embarrassed when her input was kicked back for revision. A one way discussion with Mr. Sosa made her aware that she was doing too much of the work herself. Kenia knows that there is a lot of talent within her team, prior to becoming the line supervisor she remembers having lengthy discussions with several of her peers about the development of short- and long-range training plans and was always enlightened and knowledgeable by the discussions with her teammates back then. She desperately wants to get out from under the paper work burden, and also back in the good graces of Mr. Sosa.

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The problem is that efficiency of the staff is lacking. The cause can be work that kept piling up due to an 'unorganized time management approach'. Obviously, work pressures keeps mounting like this if the work from before in not promptly finished. Many a times, newer projects are based on completion of the previous ones. If the previous ones are not done on time, ...

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