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Preschool Activities

You are in charge of developing a summer day camp program for preschool through 5th- grade students. What indoor and outdoor materials would you include to develop a well-rounded program?

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Suggested Activities for Summer Day Camp Program for Pre-K to Gr. 5 students:

1. Cooperative games are a variation on the more familiar competitive games. These games encourage team-work, creative thinking, problem solving, and helps players realize that everyone can win.
Sample cooperative games & materials (can be done indoor or outdoor)
a) Untying Knots - long rope -Kids have to untie the knots without letting go of the rope.
b) Cooperative Pick Up Straws - straws - Work together to clear the 'sticks' from a pathway without disturbing the other sticks. Each person takes a turn trying to remove a 'stick' without touching or moving any of the other 'sticks'. ...

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