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    Physical protection devices explained

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    Q. What is a physical protection system? Give examples as well.

    Utilize references to your answer.

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    A physical protection system is something that physically prevents access. A bullet-proof vest is a physical protection device. It is a real object that prevents bullet access to the body (hopefully). In the old days, body armor was the "tin-can" variety (armor)that strictly limited mobility, and weighed a ton. http://inventors.about.com/od/bstartinventions/a/Body_Armor.htm

    Your skin is your body's physical barrier to disease organisms, like physical barriers prevent bad people from getting in a structure or a property. http://www.humanillnesses.com/General-Information-and-Infectious-Diseases-A-Co/Body-Defenses.html

    Other physical protection devices include such things as physical barriers, similar to the bullet-proof vest example - in medieval times, castle walls and water hazards, called moats, that provided physical protection and made access to the protected structure difficult. So did locating your fortified castle near or on a water source so that you always had access to water, and on the top of a hill so you could see enemies approaching. Small windows kept most of the arrows out, especially the flaming ones. They were another physical protection device, ...

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