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NTeQ Model

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How does the NTeQ Model incorporate the five elements of effective instruction? The five components are: the teacher, the student, the computer, the lesson, and the classroom environment.

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1. Students--
As you briefly brainstorm how the NTeQ Model incorporates the five elements of effective instruction, I believe that it fully infuses the student element since it is highly student-centered and promotes intrinsic motivation for students to align with today's technologically savvy learners.
Because it is inquiry-based, students make their own meaning and interact with content actively, so I see it as definitely Constructivist in nature. Under this model, the student assumes the role of mini researcher and problem solver. They become sleuths of information, not sponges!

2. Classroom--
Next, in terms of the classroom environment, I deem it as much more progressive overall, student-centered, ...

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The five elements of effective instruction witih the NTeQ Model are summarized in this solution.

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