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Considering cognitive overload, I sometimes get very concerned about the explanatory feedback I give to students. I wonder is this too much information and will their minds simply shut off? Corrective feedback and explanatory walk a fine line and I think they overlap. At the same time, explanatory feedback versus corrective has been shown to increase cognitive awareness by providing connections to the missed question or confusion about how to do a task (Moreno, 2004), at least in gaming situations.

What are your thoughts with regards to cognitive overload?

You bring up a good point. I think audiences that just need to know if they got something right or wrong may simple need corrective feedback. At the same time, some form of brief explanation as to why their response was incorrect is good as well. What do you think might be used in an online course or training that would identify those who needed explanatory as opposed to corrective feedback.
Also how could you tie this into pre-training?

State the tool and whether it is collaborative, interactive, or both Describe it briefly making sure you identify how it can be used for collaboration or interactivity.

Dropbox.com is a collaborative online tool. You are able to upload files, articles, and photos, etc. Dropbox can be accessed from any internet at www.dropbox.com. Your personal or group info can be accessed from any computer, tablet, smartphone because the app is also compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and Blackberry, and more.So the group basically has shared folders that everyone has a copy of the uploaded files. It is great for saving space in your other folders too cause it is a place to save everything in one place. Organization like a magic pocket, it is always there, everywhere. So the website is always a back up for files even if you lost your phone or broke your computer, you can access dropbox from anywhere and your files are still there. You can get dropbox at getdropbox.com or download the app.

Trendblog. (2012-2013). Fast facts. Retrieved from http://trendblog.net/6-easy-to-use-online- collaboration-tools-make-teamwork-simple/

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The thoughts with regards to cognitive overloads.

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What are your thoughts with regards to cognitive overload?

This is a very good question! Some teachers do get a bit chatty, and the result is cognitive overload. I just suffered though reading seminar notes that were about 200 pages too long! As a result, I barely remember what I read which is a classic case of cognitive overload. When an instructor provides too much information in feedback or too many things to do in one assignment (or back-to-back assignments), this often results in learners not being able to process and retain the information being presented. There is a point where too much information presented is too much for people to absorb. This only results in anxiety and stress as well as learners not performing academically to their potential. It is very important as instructors to carefully select the information that is being presented to learners (especially new information and explanatory feedback) so that they are not given too much to handle at one time. This assures that learners do not have too much to process all at once, and that ...

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