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    What are the challenges facing teachers in low-income districts?

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    Please answer the following questions in essay form. Each question should be answered in 200-300 words.

    Why teach in a low income school district? what can be offered to the children in those schools?

    Describe skills and abilities that will help one's ability to succeed in this setting? give examples

    Describe professional challenges that teachers face and how to overcome such challenges? How can these challenges contribute to the world of teaching?

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    Why teach in a low income district?

    One can be for financial reasons - teachers with certain types of student government loans can have their loans forgiven (won't have to pay them back) if they work a certain amount of time in a low income school district.

    Also, some lower-income school districts tend to pay more than other districts.

    Non-financial reasons - it can be challenging but a great experience in teaching and a wonderful one to put on your resume - if you can work there, you can work in any type of school district - it shows that you are open to challenges.

    A better chance to move up or change positions - there is often a lot of turnover in low income districts and if you stay, there will be more opportunity for you to get a position that you want.

    Students truly appreciate you teaching them and you can have a greater impact on students, particularly those that come from broken homes - teachers in these types of schools are often seen as mentors and parent figures.

    Most teachers who have taught in low-income districts for years have a true desire to educate today's ...

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    Teaching in a low-income district - the benefits and challenges that teachers face and what skills and abilities one needs to survive and flourish when teaching low-income.