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Crime dramas versus real life

DQ 1- What is the importance of physical evidence and the chain of custody in a case? Provide examples of when the handling of physical evidence can determine the success or failure of a case.

DQ 2- How do television dramas differ from real-life crime scene investigations? What do you think is the most misleading difference between the two? Why does it matter?

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What all of these Web sites have to say is that while TV crime shows are interesting, they are not often very truthful for reasons of dramatic license, brevity and criminal justice. The police don't want the criminals knowing ALL their moves. A crime show runs about 45 minutes, and has to begin and end within that time - stuff is left out. And, much of what goes on in criminal investigations is downright boring and does not make for exciting television, hence the dramatic license - which means they MAKE STUFF UP. Having said all of that, the shows do some good - generally the bad guys are caught, hopefully discouraging other potential bad guys that this is a pretty stupid career move. Also, many people have learned about their Miranda rights by watching these shows, so they know they have the right to be silent, and that they can ask for a lawyer. So, it is not all bad. The most misleading difference between the two is that on TV, the bad guys get caught - this is, as I have said, to discourage other potential bad guys from deciding to become criminals - hopefully.

The first question is ...

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The difference between what happens in TV crime dramas and what ahppens in real lifem some of the reasons for the differences, and what is important in real life crime investigations. Examples included